Other iSeries Services

iSeries Connectivity

Connectivity to other iSeries / AS/400 computers or to DOS/Windows based LAN's has been a specialty of PROTECH for ten years. PROTECH has a vast knowledge of Token Ring, Ethernet and Async communications to iSeries / AS/400 hardware platforms. If you are looking for answers to your communications problems, give PROTECH a call. We are experts in SDLC, X.25 and Frame Relay networks. We can configure for you an AS/400 network using SNA or TCP/IP over a variety of topologies. If you have any problems with gateways, bridges or routers, PROTECH has the answers.

iSeries Program Development

Application development and support are services provided by PROTECH. Our programmers develop business applications for a wide variety of clients. System analysis and design, application programming, documentation and testing are available.

iSeries System Management

System configuration and tuning are services provided by PROTECH. Operating system upgrades and PTF applications can be completed and documented to assure a smooth runing system. Regular reviews of your systems' performance ensures that your Enterprise system is available to your users 100% of the time.