Open Systems Maintenance

tux_small.gif (1717 bytes) Linux / UNIX

PROTECH offers installation and maintenance of Linux / UNIX / XENIX / AIX operating systems. Fine tuning and system performance will be monitored to ensure your system is running at it's maximum performance.  PROTECH is an IBM "Software Business Partner" for IBM's Linux based servers.

win.gif (761 bytes) DOS / Windows / LAN

Configuration and installation of DOS or Windows  based systems is available. Communications within a LAN can be monitored and fine tuned to guarantee maximum reliability and efficiency. This ensures the highest productivity from your staff. Programming development, in a wide variety of languages, is also available.


Linux / UNIX

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Full system training is available for the Linux / UNIX operating system. All administrative functions and system tuning are covered.

DOS / Windows



Training for DOS or Windows are available as well as most application software packages.




Training of the Novell Netware NOS and Netware for SAA are available. System security, administration services and network utilization are items that can make or break a network of PC's.