Quadrant Software's FastFax

Quadrant Software's FastFax offers the finest iSeries and LAN based fax solution in the world. Whether you're looking for an inexpensive solution that doesn't require any programming or a full-blown send and receive solution that will support Microsoft Windows, our FastFax Family of Products will not only satisfy your wishes, but surpass your imagination. The entire line of fax products is packed with features to save you money and make you more productive. Products are available to suit your every need including our newest FastFax family member that transforms IBM's Facsimilie Support/400 into today's most powerful fax tool. And you can depend on our quality because we're the leader, having received rave reviews from independant sources like iSeries Network and DP Labs. Most importantly, all FastFax products are backed with a one year warranty and our world-class technical support team. Give us an hour to demonstrate our products from the comfort of your office and we'll show you why our customers call our FastFax products the best.