Consultant Services

With today's ever changing environment, it is difficult for business to keep pace and understand the many new and innovative advances in computer technology. PROTECH will analyze your business needs and implement a solution that permits you to concentrate on business, not technology.

Software Evaluation

When looking for a software solution - custom made or pre-packaged - PROTECH will separate the technology from the solution. A full understanding of software functionality and it's impact on your business operations must be fully analyzed to enable management to reach an informed decision. Following the installation of a software product, your company cannot afford to discover the software almost meets their needs. PROTECH takes the time to effectively marry a software solution to your requirements.

Hardware Evaluation

When changing your current hardware configuration or installing a new system, the different options currently available are almost endless. It is important that not only today's needs are met but tomorrow's as well. PROTECH can evaluate a multitude of platforms and provide a comprehensive report so you can make the best decision for today and tomorrow.